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Footsteps of History



The past has left its prints  in the interesting historical past of Valsequillo, particularly in relation with its religious past.

The church of San Miguel, whose actual appearance dates from the 20th  century fallowing various reconstructions, lodges an attractive heritage, such as the green baptismal font typical of the Seville school of the 15th century, several artistic religious works belonging to Luján Pérez, like the Archangel San Miguel and the crucified or the painting of the 16th century representing a Saint Geronimo.

In the surroundings you will find several ancient buildings, such as the parochial house.

Other temples within the municipality are the San Roque and San Juan Bautista hermitages in Tenteniguada, of a more modern appearance, with nevertheless, some antique elements such as the image of San Roque dating from the 18th century.

Next to the religious heritage, you will find in Valsequillo, the Colmenar headquarters forming part of the historical patrimony. It’s a horseshoe shaped military edifice built on two levels in a Canarias style, originating from the 16th century.

Apart from it’s patrimonial interest, this garrison is related to the figure of the writer Benito Pérez Galdós, since his grand father had been destined to this garrison.

The close relations between the Canary Islands and Flanders since the dawn of the 15th century have left an important patrimonial legacy of Flemish origin in the islands.

These Oakwood polychrome engravings, attributed to the school of the Mechelen area, proceeded from the San Juan Baptista church of Telde, this altarpiece was financed by María Fernández Calva, daughter of the conquistador Alonso de Zurita, owner of a sugar factory in Telde.

After having taken apart the altarpiece from the temple, the five Gothic Flemish wood carvings, dating from the end of the late 15th century or early 16th, where replaced in the Oratorio de la Virgen de la Salud, in Era de Mota.

Recently restored, the five carvings representing Saint Catalina of Alexandria, Saint Clair of Assisi, Saint Lucia, Saint Bernard and the apostle Santiago, are the most valuable sculptural elements  of the municipal heritage. But it’s not the only work dating from that period in Valsequillo: The Virgin del Rosario, is also an example of Flemish art work from the 15th century, however the Virgen de la Encarnación and San Juan el Chico are works from the Castilian school of the 16th century (the first two are in the San Miguel church, and the last one in the San Juan de Tenteniguada church). They are located in San Miguel Church.

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