The climate, which in itself has created various models of habitats constituted by certain vegetable species, has conditioned the origin of different types of craftwork, with the spinning of wool standing out; loom manufactured fabrics; reed weaving, wickerwork, craftwork with textiles, iron, wood, rye and palm leaves; and likewise fireworks. However, mention should also be made to small pottery and stonework artisans. All these forms of artwork constitute the personality of this village, in which tradition and culture are indeed closely linked.

Apart from these traditional artisan works, the “new craftwork” that has acquired importance in the municipality is to be highlighted, as is the case with toys and carpentry.

Thus, given the rural environment surrounding Valsequillo and the diversity of forms that its craftwork acquires, we can deduce that for the inhabitants of this municipality this work is actually a true need. This is likewise the reason why the products we find are related with man’s everyday life, with those products linked to agriculture and livestock raising standing out (baskets, ploughs, cheese dishes, packsaddles, sacks…) and those used by humans (tablecloths, jackets, blankets, garments, brooms…).