Trails - turismo valsequillo
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Valsequillo has 9 marked Local Trails.

One of them, the SL 10, is in process of adapting for walkers with reduced mobility.

The routes offer the possibility of making infinite combinations from the most familiar to the most challenging.

The Casa del senderista, in Era la Mota, and many rural houses and holiday homes offer a wide range of accommodation.

All the trails present aspects of great interest for its flora and fauna, geology, archaeological, ethnographic and historical heritage, possibility of buying and tasting local products.

Throughout the year several guided routes are organized in the municipality by collectives and  hiking companies on the island.

SL 1 Caldera de Los Marteles - El Salviar - Tenteniguada - Valsequillo

SL 2 Caldera de Los Marteles - Barranco de Los Cernícalos - La Vegas - Valsequillo

SL 3 Caldera de Los Marteles - Cuevas Blancas - Barranco de La Pasadera - Rincón de Tenteniguada

SL 4 Presa de Cuevas Blancas - Roque Jincao - Rincón de Tenteniguada

SL 5 Valsequillo - Era de Mota - Barranco de La Umbría - Rincón de Tenteniguada

SL 6 Cuevas Blancas – Montaña La Guirra – Barranco del Agua – Valsequillo

SL 7 Valsequillo - San Roque - El Cardón

SL 8 Rincón de Tenteniguada - Roque La Vela - Rincón de Tenteniguada

SL 9 Caldera de Los Marteles -Los Alfaques - El Troncón

SL 10 Tecén - Barranco de San Miguel - Valsequillo

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