The different honeys to be found in the municipality of Valsequillo are characterized by their richness and variety due to the pollen from the different flower varieties. We count with an important flowering period that includes broom, almonds, echiums, eucaliptus, verodes and false yellowheads, amongst others. Altogether, in our municipality we obtain honeys with diverse colors and flavors that please the most discerning of palates.
Thus an infinite number of products derived from the work of the bee are obtained, products such as propoleo, pollen, honey wine, etc.





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Honey extraction and packaging regional hall in Valsequillo de Gran Canaria


What is the Honey extraction and packaging regional hall in Valsequillo de Gran Canaria

The extraction and packaging of honey in Valsequillo is a project of the employment and local development agency of Valsequillo de Gran Canaria, which will be located on the premises of the former school at Carretera a Los Llanetes s/n.

Not only beekeepers from valsequillo will benefit from the project, but also the neighbouring municipalities as Telde, San Mateo, Santa Brígida, Tejeda, as well as the rest of the island who requests it.

The following material has been provided: uncapping tray, extractor, ripeners of different capacities, transfer pumps and packaging. Financed with a subsidy granted by aider gran canaria with funds from the council of Gran Canaria, Leader, Feader (europe invests in rural areas), ministry of agriculture, food and environment, government of the Canary Islands)

Launching of this operation has been subsidised by the regional council for employment, industry, commerce and handicraft, of the council of Gran Canaria, as a measure of promoting local development.

What are the objectives?

Offer beekeepers the possibility to extract and package their honey under a single health registry of food, especially for those who cannot comply in their facilities with the hygienic and sanitary, territorial and economic adjustments required.

Increase the number of beekeepers to sign onto the quality warranty brand of Gran Canaria.

Strengthen the unification of beekeepers in the region under common interests, were everyone is represented.

The idea of having a common extraction and packaging hall makes beekeepers increase efforts to achieve a quality product. Following the guidelines of production and transformation will result placing on the market a quality product, highly demanded by consumers.

The regional extraction hall can be a demonstrative reference to agglutinate the sector from the point of view of associationism. Given that so far, beekeepers acted individually and dispersed.

Beekeeping practice is surely one of livestock farming activities most compatible with the environment. It represents among the countless environmental benefits the contribution to the genetic variability of plant species, having an important relevance in the fructification of crops thanks to pollination, being one of the bases of plant biodiversity.

This project has a direct connection with the initiative carried out by the ministry of agriculture and livestock of the council of Gran Canaria, on the designation of the ‘gran canaria quality’ brand in relation to honey. This will allow many beekeepers to form part of this project.

What services are provided?

Extraction – Filtering – Ripening – Packaging – Labelling – Storage

Of honey at insular and regional level.

Access requirements

– be registered in the register of livestock and agriculture holdings of the council of Canary islands government

– carry out good beekeeping practices

– request service through the entry register

– comply with regulations.



Aedl Valsequillo

Plaza De Tifaritti s/n Tel.: 928 705011 Ext. 0619