Valsequillo strawberry distinguishes itself by its medium-size, intense colour and exquisite flavour and aroma. The freshness of the newly harvested strawberry, that in just a few hours reaches the consumer, is a decisive difference in its quality.

The strawberry in Valsequillo is the main and reference crop in the municipality, which began to grow in the early 1980s by substituting the flower cultivation. Nowadays, there are more than ten strawberry farms that produce more than 2,000 thousand tons per campaign, creating dozens of jobs, and a rural landscape different from other municipalities.

Farmers are trained and worry to produce quality, differentiating from other producers in order to produce a well cared strawberry in a rural setting.

Strawberries farms in Valsequillo have been modernised and keep on growing. They have packaging facilities, warehouses, machinery, transport trucks, etc, complementing land cultivated with strawberries both in height or hydroponics and traditional soil, with a large number of different varieties.

Valsequillo is a municipality that boasts ideal agricultural conditions for the development of a smaller size strawberry and much better tasting than strawberries from other areas due to its weather conditions, hours of sunlight, altitude, or thermal gradients between day and night.

Some of the most common varieties among our strawberry members, committed to producing quality, are camarrosa, camino real or sabrina.

Consumption of this fruit is very healthy, being one of the lowest calorie fruits, diuretic and rich in fibre which helps regulate intestinal passage. It is an excellent source of vitamin C, beta-carotene and vitamin E and antioxidants; it includes high-quality minerals such as calcium, iodine, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and potassium. It is especially recommended in diets for prevention of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, arthritis, gout and anaemia; it contains an acid that neutralizes the most negative effects of tobacco. It contains folic acid which in natural medicine is used to clean and purify the digestive system.




Strawberries producers



Finca Pedro Suárez: Suerte del Pino 2b, a lado del colegio, Tenteniguada, Tel.: 676780913

Fresas Valsequillo: final Calle La Palma, Tel.: 627654540

Finca José López Martel: Ava. de Los Almendros, a lado de la Rotonda, La Barrera 4, Tel.: 6928705593

Fresas Ruma: Orilla Las Vegas 5, Las Vegas,Tel.: 666316004

Finca La Palma: Carretera La Palma, Tel.: 670811819 / 662121277

Fresas Ylenia: Barranco Las Hoyas, Tel.: 639414103

Fresón Isleño: Calle El Brezo, Entrada A, Tecén, Tel.: 639414103

Fresas Bibi: entrada La Palma: Tel.: 664387701

Fresas José Nicolás Santana Martel: calle El Majuelo, subida El Helechal, Tel.: 928705157

Finca Miguel Cruz Martel: Las Casas – Calle El Pilón, Tel.: 610713177

Finca Carmelo: Alto del Helechal, Tel.: 687439217