Three geographical areas can be differentiated in the municipality of Valsequillo, which are clearly delimited by their microclimate, vegetation and type of soil: the lower area of the municipality in which sheep and goat stockbreeding predominates, the middle area likewise with an abundance of sheep and goat raising and the higher or summit area, where sheep stockbreeding is the principal activity.
A singular variety of cheeses is elaborated throughout the entire municipality, the same as a result of transforming milk by means of a completely artisan process, without of course neglecting the sanitary and hygienic aspects. The final product is presented in the shape of fresh, semi-cured and cured cheeses, made from one type of milk or from a combination of different milks.
Valsequillo cheeses enjoy great prestige and popularity due to their quality, the same having obtained numerous awards and having been classified as some of the best cheeses to be found in an infinity of insular and regional tasting contests.
Other dairy products that are also worthy of special mention are the pies made with curd cheese, caramel spread (made by boiling down milk and sugar), etc


Cheese factories


Queso Flor Valsequillo: Calle Salvia, 14, 35217 Valsequillo, Tel.: 928 70 54 90

Quesos Caprican: Carretera Los Llanetes s/n, Tel.: 928 570873

Quesos Angelita: Solana del Fregenal 9, Tel.: 928573072

Quesos Los Llanetes: Hoya León Los Llanetes, Tel.: 699614207

Quesos Roque Grande: C. Roque Grande 3, El Rincón de Tenteniguada, Tel.: 659687379

Quesos La Vega Vieja: C. Pepito Rosa 39, Era La Mota, Tel.: 928570330

Quesos Zacarías: Caldera de Los Marteles-Los Bucios, Tel.: 928170195

Quesos Lalo: Cruz del Saucillo-Cuevas Blancas, Tel.: 928170144

Quesos Antonio Toscano: Carretera a San Roque,15A, Tel.: 928705650

Quesos Los Risquetes: La Culata 8, Tenteniguada, Tel.: 928570221

Quesos Las Medianías: Lomo La Vega, 4, Tel.: 928661763