Nature - turismo valsequillo
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Valsequillo blossoming nature



Valsequillo is a village in the midlands of Gran Canaria located in a fertile valley at an altitude of around 600 m above sea level, surrounded by mountains that exceed altitudes of 1600 m.

The volcanic nature of the island is evident in the rocky formations that emerge abruptly and in the subsidence of the land in the calderas. The entire district is dotted with surprising formations of rocks that have developed over millions of years.

The relatively humid climate and the abundance of springs cover the district of Valsequillo in green and dot the landscape with a colourful bloom from December to June, depending on the species. Hundreds of varieties of plants, many endemic to the Canary Islands, are exclusive to the island and even to the district. Among them, the most striking for visitors is perhaps the blue tajinaste, whose colour contrasts with the yellow of the «bejeques», the «codesos» and the broom, the white of the white broom and «escobón» and the fruit trees in bloom, especially the white and pink of the almond trees in February. Among the vegetation, birds, lizards, amphibians, small mammals and many invertebrates strive. Regarding wildlife, a striking sight is the slow flight of the birds of prey, such as buzzards and kestrels, which always accompany visitors on the summits and often appear among the vegetable gardens and houses.

And all this, the geology, flora, fauna … is within reach throughpracticable walks that any healthy person can enjoy. On the other hand, as they are arranged to include the most demanding ascents, even expert hikers will not be disappointed.

For all these reasons, Valsequillo is a paradise for hiking and other sports, such as mountain races, several of which are held each year, cycling, rock climbing, horse riding and all kinds of outdoor activities.

There are nine routes that can also be combined and connected with great island itineraries, covering the mountains surrounding Valsequillo on three sides.

You can end your routes in the Old Quarters or in the neighbourhoods of Tenteniguada -Rincón, Las Vegas and San Roque – and enjoy their natural products: cheese, strawberries, honey, wine, almonds and excellent cuisine.



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