The Calvary

Patrimonio histórico

Religious building built in 1915, when the Mayor of the municipality was Mr. Miguel Sánchez López. Small room with two benches on the sides, and an alcove with the Virgin of Lourdes, these buildings are at the entrance of almost all villages. Place of welcome and rest of the faithful and walkers, before reaching the town’s hull, or the church. Here the residents of Pilón and Mirabala changed from espadrilles to shoes. Stroll section on Sundays or holidays in the morning after the Major Mass, with the suitors, or in a group.
Between the years 1936-1940, with Manuel Sánchez Mayor was Mayor, a modification was made to enable the access of cars to the road of Pilón and Mirabala
In 1949 a new structure was reopened, with Antonio Macías Martel being Mayor. Various modifications have been made to the building, up to the present.
The image was withdrawn several times, due to the continuous vandalism suffered, going to the provisional chapel in the Llano del Conde, the cemetery, and the Church of San Miguel Arcángel, until it was installed again in the current Calvary.