Viewpoint El Sol street

In the year 1530 Cavalry Barracks were built in the San Miguel Ravine, known as the El Colmenar Barracks, the same being constructed around diverse buildings related with the military world. Second Lieutenant Antonio Pérez Gutiérrez, grandfather of Benito Pérez Galdós, was stationed here. Sebastián de Juan Evangelista, Benito Pérez Galdos’ father, was born in the adjacent house to the barracks on the date of May 15 of 1784, later on becoming a Distinguished Soldier, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Grenadier Corps during the War of Independence, Captain of the Canary Islands Militia, ad interim Governor of the El Risco Castle and Commander of the Island’s Garrison. It is a two-story building with a wooden corridor. The right wing on the ground floor was destined to stables, with the troops finding their accommodation on the top floor, while the officers were housed in the left wing, where the suppliers were also stored; the parade grounds were right in the middle of the building. Currently it has been declared a Cultural Protected Property (B.I.C.) by the Regional Community of the Canary Islands, which will insure its conservation for the future generations.
The Tenteniguada Crater can be seen in the background, with this crater, of erosive origin, representing the headland of the tributary ravines of the San Miguel Ravine, which tailwater from the same turns into the Telde. In this sector dismemberment of the Central Massif has uncovered the lava plugs or chimneys of the ‘Roque Nublo Cycle’ eruptions: Roques de Tenteniguada, Roque del Pino and Roque Saucillo. To the left we can see the El Helechal Mountain.