Viewpoint El Fregenal

Right now you are on the edge of the Lomo del Fregenal, which separates the Cernícalos Ravine to the South from the San Miguel Ravine to the North. From this area, rich in autochthonous flora, with brooms and almond trees being highlighted, the peaks of the Tenteniguada Crater can be seen, as is the case with the Roque Saucillo, which juts out to the left from behind the Lomo del Fregenal. If we continue to the right part of the Las Vegas neighborhood appears, with the Valsequillo Quarter dominated by the El Helechal Mountain, along with Las Casas and Luis Verde neighborhoods.
The small rocky fortress of El Roque is to be highlighted in the central part of the landscape, right under the Los Llanetes neighborhood, where a small group of abandoned ancient homesteads is to be found, at the confluence of the Los Mocanes and San Miguel Ravines, apart from an important number of caves that appear at the Roque itself and on the sunny side of the San Miguel Ravine slope. These caves represent the area’s main pre-Hispanic aborigine settlement, some of which can still be found in their original state, while others have been incorporated to the current homes that have been built in Los Llanetes.
To the right, in an easterly direction, the important crops that are grown in the San Miguel Ravine and in the neighborhood of La Barrera are to be highlighted; while the neighborhoods of Lomitos de Corre are to be seen in the distance, offering an outlook of the central and eastern part of the municipality of Valsequillo.