Viewpoint Huertas de Sardina East

You are now in the area of the municipality of Valsequillo denominated Huertas de Sardina. This area is just scarce meters from the boundary with the municipality of Vega de San Mateo.The area of Huertas de Sardina is one of the most important agricultural areas in the municipality of Valsequillo, with terraced farming lands being highlighted, always limited by the area’s orography.
Self-sufficiency agriculture represents the municipality’s main source of wealth. As is the case with the remaining municipalities of the middlelands, what predominates is production of potatoes, vegetables, cereals, etc., with strawberries and flowers just recently having become important crops. Almond trees hold the starring role in the landscape, thus production of almonds is also worthy of mention.
Livestock raising is also of importance in the local economy, with the resulting products being highly valued at an island level. From this vantage point you can see a great panoramic view of the entire municipality of Valsequillo. The Montañon area can be seen from east to west, and to the left a far away view of the municipality of Telde can be enjoyed, with the Las Palmas Mountain in the foreground. Once in our municipality the La Barrera Neighborhood is distinguished, along with the Helechal Mountain and its viewpoint, the San Miguel Ravine and the Las Vegas neighborhood. To the right stands Huertas de Sardina.