Viewpoint El Helechal oeste

You are now at the El Helechal Mountain, which is a phonolithic lava plug, dating from the end of the ‘Roque Nublo Cycle’, alongside of which can be found a volcanic cone that dates from much more recent periods, located on the West face of the lava plug and known as the “Caldereta”. One of the municipality’s best panoramic views can be seen from this volcanic chimney, and it is believed that an “Almogarén” (aborigine sanctuary) existed at some point on the same.
The panoramic view spans the entire Tenteniguada Crater, with this crater, of erosive origin, representing the headland of the tributary ravines of the San Miguel Ravine, which tailwater from the same turns into the Telde. In this sector dismemberment of the Central Massif has uncovered the lava plugs or chimneys of the ‘Roque Nublo Cycle’ eruptions: Roques de Tenteniguada, Roque del Pino and Roque Saucillo.
The Tenteniguada Palm Grove, found on thermophilic soil, has higher humidity levels, given that it is located in a ravine that is more wedged-in, at a height of around 700 meters, forming small forests mainly in combination with almond trees, eucalyptus, cruzadilla (hypericum reflexum), wild olive trees and wild asparagus.
The neighborhoods of Era de Mota, El Pedregal, El Rincón de Tenteniguada. Tenteniguada, Casas Blancas, Las Casillas and El Helechal (from left to right) can be seen from here.