Viewpoint El Helechal East

The urban center of Valsequillo, which can be seen from here, also has a centered geographic situation inside the municipality, which originally corresponded with a settlement model of an agricultural region, with the economy being fundamentally based on middlelands family agriculture.
Given that it is the seat of the municipality, most of the public services are concentrated heres.
This is also where some buildings of great historical-cultural interest are to be found, such as El Colmenar Barracks, which dates from the year 1530, and the San Miguel Arcángel Church, 1905 to 1925, with important relics treasured in its interior.
The Urban Center is also a meeting point, with several trails that part from the same: the one that joins the urban center with Los Marteles Crater, passing by Tenteniguada and El Rincón or the one that takes you along the ascent to Los Alfaques; the trail that joins the urban center with La Vega de San Mateo, passing alongside the El Helechal Mountain and El Montañon; the trail that joins the urban center with Los Cernícalos Ravine, passing along the ascent to Las Haciendas, in the Las Vegas neighborhood.
The view also takes in other neighborhoods such as Lomitos de Correa and Juagarzos to the left, Luis Verde, Las Casas and La Barrera in the middle-point and Las Vegas to the right.