Viewpoint of San Roque

The neighborhood of Valle de San Roque, located northeast of the municipality, is found at a distance of 5 kilometers from the Valsequillo urban center. There is an important wealth of medicinal-mineral water to be found in the subsoil, which until recent dates had been exploited by means of a bottling industry. The neighborhoods historical tradition is very highly linked to San Roque’s Patron Saint, to whom one of the most important festivities to take place in the municipality is dedicated in the month of August. Due to its proximity with the municipality’s boundary it was said of the chapel that serves as his refuge, “that the Parish Priest clothed himself in Telde and held mass in Valsequillo”.
Without a doubt one of the neighborhood’s greatest attractions is the ancient palm grove of Phoenix Canariensis that carpets the Valley. The Valle de San Roque Palm Grove is an important concentration of Canary Island Palms (Phoenix Canariensis), endemic species of the archipelago, representing an open-plan and dry palm grove, where the palm trees are mainly located on the margins of the crop lands. Located in the basal area environments, at a height of about 400 meters, we can see it associated to other species, such as common sorrel, wild olive trees, tarahales, prickly pears, incense trees, agaves. It was quite common to see goats and sheep grazing in the area until just a few years ago.
Likewise of great interest is a Wild Olive Grove that is to be found on the other margin of the valley.