Viewpoint La Barrera

La Barrera, which is the neighborhood where we find ourselves, is on the eastern boundary of the municipality of Valsequillo, at a distance of 3 kilometers from the urban center, currently constituting one of the neighborhoods with the most important population in this municipality. This neighborhood, doorway to La Vega de Valsequillo, extends its limits along an area that has undergone important urban development. The agricultural landscape that surrounds it is dominated by greenhouses, where vegetables are grown, but also where flowers are grown in abundance. However, the importance of the strawberry crop is now to be highlighted, product that enjoys great acceptance on the market.
The festivities in La Barrera take place towards the end of August, evocative of the growing of flowers; the citizens of this location turn La Barrera into a place that overflows with color, this thanks to the floral offerings, flower shows and other activities related with flowers that take place. The Casa del Conde, a neoclassic recreational homestead dating from the past century, is the most notable building to be mentioned in the area. The House of Culture is right in the center of the neighborhood, with the sports arena and an ample public park located in the surrounding area, while another new park called “Miguelito Calderín” is found at its extreme eastern end, the same representing an emblematic location dedicated to the memory of the greatest rancher of the historical Rancho de Ánimas de Valsequillo. The school is also located at the neighborhood’s eastern side. There is also a small industrial and commercial area: cheese factory, water bottling plant, workshops, etc. Right in front of where you are, in an eastern direction, the following can be seen from left to right: Las Palmas Mountain, the City of Telde, the Neighborhood of Tecén, center of population with a pre-Hispanic place name, located right at the edge of the San Miguel Ravine bank, which is found between the municipal terms of Valsequillo and Telde, Gando Peninsula and the Telde neighborhood of Lomo Magullo.